Amazingly Tasty! 100% Vegetarian Friendly! And of course full of Protein!


Our Chocolate and Peanut Protein bites are an incredible delicious treat with amazing guilt free macros to boot! With 2.75g Protein and 2g sugar per bite these are exceptional to snack on at any time and any where. Pick up a bag today or three with our multipack offer, they will not last long! Oh and also they only contain 58.74 Cals a piece too.


Peanut & Chocolate Protein Bites

SKU: 00001
    • Just 58.74 Calories a bite! ✅
    • A Whoppping 2.75g of Protein each! ✅
    • Just 2g Sugar each! ✅
    • No added Colours, Flavours or Preservatives ✅
    • 100% Vegetarian and Gluten Free! ✅